Aldbury C of E Primary and Nursery School

Topic in Class 2

This week, our Class 2 students embarked on a delightful journey into the traditions of Great Britain. And what better way to explore than with an enchanting English tea party! ☕️🎉

The children sipped from little teacups, discussed the correct order for making a scone and learnt the Makaton signs for tea!

We were thrilled to see how engaged the children were during this hands-on learning experience. They were not only practicing their manners and communication skills but also showcasing their ever-growing knowledge of British traditions and cultural heritage.

At our school, we believe in fostering a well-rounded education that embraces diversity and encourages curiosity. The English tea party was a fantastic opportunity to inspire our young learners to appreciate and respect different cultures while having oodles of fun together! 🌍🎉