Aldbury C of E Primary and Nursery School

Reading Sessions

Reading sessions in Class 1 are taught in small groups with an adult Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Each group begins with decoding the book, working on prosody and on the final read focusing on comprehension skills. Children have the text read to them by an adult, they then echo read and read independently on the final read. The adult working with that group will tap in to each child's reading to check phonics skills. Children are encouraged to sound out a word if they do not know what it is. Children know that the book shouldn't be extremely difficult when they share the book at home and that they are aiming to be able to read a book as fluently as possible. 


Each session begins with speedy sounds, reading words/ tricky words from the book and then looking at and understanding the vocabulary in the book. 


The children's reading books are carefully matched to their phonic knowledge by using the Little Wandle half termly assessments and reading book matching grid. 


Parents sign the reading log over the weekend so that the teacher knows the children have shared the book at home.