Aldbury C of E Primary and Nursery School

Child Initiated Learning

What is child-initiated play?


Child-initiated play is a style of play where the activities are directed by children. It gives children the freedom to choose what they play with, as well as how and when they do so. At Aldbury School we plan an enabling environment and plan the learning landscape carefully to ensure challenge inside and outside. Although the main areas of the classroom remain the same throughout the year so that children feel safe and can be independent, enhancements are made regularly to reflect children's interests, current learning and the children's next steps in learning.


 At Aldbury school, we refer to this time as 'play'. Children should have the time and space to socialise and explore. The adults role in 'play' is extremely important. Children need activities modelled to them, their ideas extended and new vocabulary/ concepts introduced to them. .

Child-initiated play has an important role in children's learning and development. With this kind of play, children explore and learn from their own thoughts and ideas. It gives children the space to be really creative with what they do and drive their own exploration.