Aldbury C of E Primary and Nursery School

Reading Road Map

Instilling a love of reading early in a child's life gives them a head start on expanding their vocabulary, building independence and building self-confidence. Reading helps children to make sense of the world around them and teaches them to use their imagination.


Since September, the school has introduced the new Reading Road Map initiative. This will encourage children to develop a passion for reading new genres, authors and titles. All the books have been released in the last year so are current and new.


Children are given an individual map of the UK with ten roads representing a specific genre. On the back of the map is a list of books related to each genre. A traffic light system is used to indicate how challenging the book is. Children are also signposted towards other similar authors and books. 


During Celebration assembly on a Friday morning, Bronze, Silver and Gold awards are given out to celebrate Reading Road Map achievements. Children also receive an award when they reach the end of a genre road. 


Children have really enjoyed Reading Road Map and it is supporting reluctant readers to find books that they are interested in and enjoy.


''I have finally found a book that I like and it's new'' 

''I really like the map and get excited for the certificates''

''I like the funny books''

''I have read more poetry than ever''