Aldbury C of E Primary and Nursery School

Collective Worship - Christian Value of Friendship

Our KS2 Collective Worship leaders led worship on Monday for the first time this term. The focus of the worship was on our Christian Value of Friendship.  The children focussed on encouragement and building people up. 


The words of wisdom from the Bible for our school value friendship were written over 2000 years ago by St Paul “Encourage one another and build each other up.” St Paul wanted to teach people that the best way to live in friendship is to encourage one another rather than being critical and negative.


The children spoke about the word “build” and how it makes us think of a construction of some kind. Building takes time, perseverance and commitment but destroying or tearing down, takes no time at all. The children role-played several incidents showing the impact of positive and negative comments.


To close the worship, the rest of the school were asked to reflect on the following questions:


What kind of friend are you? Do you encourage others and build them up or more often do you criticise and point out the things they struggle to do?  


A great job, well done!