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A message from Miss Sear (19/03/2020)


Parent questionnaires

Firstly, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the parents who took the time to complete the science parent questionnaire a few weeks ago. It has been very helpful to get your feedback on the subject. I have collated all the responses and have created a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section on the science section of the website. (Key information – Curriculum – Science). It was great to see that all the children enjoy science and that you view it as an important subject.


Science Week - parent talks

Secondly, thank you to the parents who took the time to come and deliver a talk to the children during Science Week; the children were so enthused by their sessions and learnt a lot! For those of you who weren't aware, each class had a parent visitor, who held a small talk/workshop, mostly linked to science in their jobs. 

  • Class 1: Mrs Cole taught the children about exotic fruit growing in the 17th and 18th century. 
  • Class 2: Mrs Jones ran and Q&A session with the children about nursing. This linked nicely to their topic of Florence Nightingale. 
  • Class 3: Mr Parton ran a fantastic workshop on vision and optical illusions. He very kindly also ran this workshop for Class 4.
  • Class 4: Mr Knox ran a very informative and relevant talk about how scientists save lives.


Science Week activities 

The children took part in a wide variety of activities throughout the week: a whole school investigation about floating and sinking foods, a national STEM competition (making a tree from paper with no glue or tape), planning and running their own investigations and many more!


Whole school investigation - Do the properties of fruits and vegetables affect whether they sink or float?

























National competition - STEM challenge: the winners from each class 

House group activities

























Forensic Science Workshop 

























Science Week - parent exhibition

Finally, thank you to those parents who came to our parent assembly and exhibition at the end of Science Week – the children love sharing their work with you and it was great to see the hall so full of parents! Again, the positive feedback from both parents and children on the ‘Praise Postcards’ was overwhelming. Here are a few of the comments we received: