Aldbury C of E Primary and Nursery School

Class 2 learning

Check out the amazing photos of our Class 2 learning this term! 📸✨ From exploring flight to diving into creative writing, art, and science, they've been working incredibly hard!

🌺 Our young scientists have been growing plants with great success! 🌿🌻 They've nurtured them with care and have achieved fantastic results! 🌱🌸

📚 Inspired by the book Lizzy and the Cloud, the class crafted wonderful pieces of writing that showcase their vivid imaginations. 📝🌥️

🎨 As artists, they dived into a world of tints, tones, and colour with the beautiful artwork! 🎨🌈

✈️ They have explored the captivating world of flight, creating flying goggle cases and creating rockets for home learning! 🛩️