Aldbury C of E Primary and Nursery School


At Aldbury we use the Rising Stars Computing Scheme.  The curriculum is planned on a two year rolling programme.  This means that skills are revisited regularly (at least once in each year group), and children revisit each theme through a new unit that consolidates and builds on their knowledge, understanding and skills in computing.


The programmes of study that are covered through the school are:


Computer Science: Coding

Computer Science: Computational Thinking

Information Technology: Creativity

Digital Literacy: Online safety

Information Technology: Media

Information Technology: Data


Links are made to other areas of learning and the topics that are being taught where possible.


Our computing curriculum allows children to be introduced to a wide range of technology, including laptops iPads and interactive whiteboards range of resources allowing them to continually practice and improve the skills they learn. This ensures they become digitally literate.


At Aldbury we take Online Safety extremely seriously. We have an Online Policy that provides guidance for teachers and children about how to use the internet safely. Every year group takes part in lessons on regular basis E-safety as well as participating in the annual E-Safety day in February.


From Year 1 upwards children are taught how to use Google Classroom.  This is then used for home learning and was used during the COVID Lockdowns.


Parents were also invited to join an online ‘Get to know Google Classroom’ to support the children during their time at home.

Links to support online safety can be found using the link below