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Visions and Values

Aldbury School Aims


We are a Church of England School with very close ties to our church and community.


We believe that a good school creates a safe, nurturing and inspiring learning environment.

It develops self-esteem and confidence in all its children and in so doing inspires and motivates them to become positive and enthusiastic learners who are curious and caring about their world.


A good school recognises that children learn from those around them. They learn to value others by being valued themselves. They develop the social skills and personal qualities of courtesy, honesty, kindness, tolerance and respect from the adults close to them.


A good school models high standards in all that it does.



Through our shared Christian values we aim to:


  • create a happy, caring, safe and supportive learning environment where all children can develop and progress to their potential and acquire the skills necessary for life

  • provide for spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical and social growth and to help each child develop his/her personal and cultural identity and understand and respect other races, colour, religions and cultures

  • provide a structured and stimulating environment where every individual pupil can develop independence, confidence, high self-esteem, self-discipline, a lively enquiring and imaginative mind and an enthusiasm and desire for learning

  • encourage all children to take and accept responsibility for themselves and to develop high standards of discipline, social awareness, courtesy and consideration for others and to share ideas and experiences with others

  • have high expectations of pupil achievement, recognise and develop a healthy lifestyle and individual talents and encourage all pupils to work towards the highest standards

  • place great emphasis on acquiring and understanding the basic skills of English, Maths and oracy and provide a broad, balanced and creative curriculum within the framework of the National Curriculum

  • ensure within the school that there is a clear and steady progression each year and that the transition from one Key Stage to another, especially to secondary school, is as smooth as possible

  • be at the heart of Aldbury’s Christian community and continue to establish and maintain links with the local community, encouraging the full involvement of staff, governors, parents and pupils in the life of the school.