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Class 4


        Snow Day 

        If school is closed on Friday 2nd March please complete these activities.


      1. David, having seen the newspaper article ,which we read about in 'I am David ', think about what might happen next.  If you were David what would you do? Give reasons for your choices and remember : a range of well punctuated sentences ; high level vocabulary and focus on  the correct tense.


     2. Time yourself. How quickly can you write out the 12x table square ( make you own grid up) .


     3.  Choose  fractions with different denominators : add together , subtract, multiply or divide. Challenge yourself.  


       Education City has some great learning pages , if you have access do some revision --you know which topic will help you.


    September 2017

    Welcome to Class 4.


   We are a lively bunch of 16 Year 6 pupils, evenly split boys and girls.